The MADhurst Team is a group of local volunteers who between them have many years of experience in event planning and event management.

They meet regularly throughout the year to prepare the festival and during August are supported by a group of young volunteers from around the world, in partnership with Concordia International Volunteers



Jess Warren - Chair
Rebecca Piper - Vice Chair,  Traders & Grand Finale Day, Social Media
David Duncan - Treasurer
Judy Fowler - Concordia Liaison and Literary Coordinator
Jess Warren - Dance and Drama Coordinator
David Coote - Organiser of the MADhurst Carnival Procession, and Midhurst Town Council Representative
Jan De Main - Event Organiser for the Masterclasses
Sarah Murison - PR & Social Media
Doon Muir - Raffle
Rebecca Piper - Secretary

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Sub Committee:

Jeanette Sutton - Creative Designer
Brian Allen - Big Make Designer



David Duncan - Chairman
John Barrett - Secretary
David Coote
Jake Howard



Printing & design - Acorn Design
Security - Protec
Sign writing & banners - Osborne Signs
Web Master - Cluna Studios
Graphic design and technical support: - Jeanette Sutton
Jazz & classical music - Alistair Gibson
General music consultant - Good Gracious Music