The MADhurst Festival is proud to have a working relationship with Concordia, a Volunteer Live & Learn Experience for youngsters aged 18+ years from across the globe.


MADhurst is a volunteer led Festival and Concordia visited us for the first time in 2011. Their help and enthusiasm was infectious and we are delighted that they have joined us again every year since,  working alongside the MADhurst Festival Organisers and local volunteers.


About Concordia


For almost 70 years Concordia, a West Sussex based organisation, has provided volunteering and work opportunities overseas and here in the UK. Today Concordia works with 80 partner organisations from 60 countries. Each one understands the reality of life in their own community and through that experience they will make a real difference to the MADhurst Festival.


Concordia and their partners are part of the Alliance of European Voluntary Services, The Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service. It is a non-profit making organisation.


All volunteers will have a Certificate of Good Conduct, are Police checked; the Project Co-ordinator is CRB-checked and all are properly insured.