How to join in with MADhurst ...

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There are many little and large things to be done to make sure that MADhurst goes with a bang each year, we can use all the help we can get, and more! So please join us, in whatever way is best for you!  MADhurst is a great team to be part of.

One very good way you can help is simply by going to the events, buying raffle tickets, engaging with us on social media if you use it, and generally participating!  That helps to build a positive energy around the events. And if you think you might like to join in the preparations, here are five ideas.  Some involve almost no time or effort, others a little more, a few need major time commitment.


1.  MADhurst Committee:  The MADhurst Committee drives the whole MADhurst process, under the guidance of its Trustees and working closely with the Town Council and the organisers of individual events.

The committee meets approximately monthly throughout the year - less frequently in the autumn/winter, more during July and August.  Most of the work takes place between January and August, and each member is responsible for one or more specific aspect(s) of MADhurst - music events, art events, general events, putting together the programme brochure, the Grand Finale Stalls,  balancing the budget, etc. A member of the Town Council is an ex officio member of the committee, responsible for organising the Carnival Parade on Grand Finale Day.

Committee membership is the most intensive part of MADhurst, and the best way to shape the process most directly.

2. Medium-term task managers: These are directly involved in preparing specific aspects of MADhurst, working closely with one or more members of the committee.  Examples include: coordinating the workshops; coordinating the box-office volunteers; collecting the raffle prizes; coordinating the Short Story Competition; and web-mastering. These tasks require some work during the months leading up to MADhurst


3. Short-term volunteers:  volunteers are needed to staff the box-office for three-hour stints during August, act as marshals during the Carnival Parade, collect litter after the Grand Finale, put up posters in Midhurst and surrounding villages, and similar activities. These tasks involve quite limited time commitments, mainly during August.


4. Photographers and graphic artists are needed to record the events for publicity purposes and to design posters.


5. Public relations and social media:  MADhurst needs people to help with writing press-releases and feature articles about the festival, webmastering, administering the Facebook page and twitter feeds, and other forms of social media.

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