“Though it may be much smaller in scale than a traditional performance of Carmen, there’s nothing half-hearted about this production, which brims over throughout with passion, intensity and obvious talent.”

- The Blog of Theatre Things


“they are on to a winner with a more dramatic piece for their autumn season.”

“It doesn’t mess about getting to the best arias. And it helps they’ve assembled a youthful and impressive quartet to bring out the passion.”

- Paul in London


“...they always manage to take a piece and boil it down to its core. What remains are the essentials, clearly communicated and performed brilliantly.”

“brings their passions and emotions to the forefront, aided by Pop-Up Opera’s signature surtitles; brief, to the point and aesthetically pleasing.”

“With great voices, clever surtitling and a production that successfully adapts to its surroundings, Pop-Up Opera offers a great evening to opera lovers and newbies alike.”

- A Younger Theatre


“Support this enterprising outfit, essential to singers starting out.”

- The Guardian

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