Tnew logo tinyhe creation of the MADhurst logo came out of Jeannette Sutton's desire to start a new course for her 6th Form students at the Grammar School (now Midhurst Rother College), who wanted to pursue more vocational studies.


Jeanette was then Head of Art at the College, and one of the conditions of the new BTec course was that it required the students to produce work for a "client".  Using her local contacts, Jeannette was aware of a new festival being launched in Midhurst and so she approached the Committee to ask if her students could design a MADhurst logo, with the Committee as their "client".

The "specification" for the design was that the image must reflect local geography, including a tree with roots and a river.  Three of the students researched various tree logos, and met regularly with the MADhurst Committee to discuss their progress.  When nearing the end of the project, all three students collaborated on the final artwork, which was adopted by the MADhurst Festival Committee in 2010.


This was a huge achievement for these students, who all obtained distinction for this Btec course, and now have their work celebrated across the town during July and August.