LunaLuna Jacevicius is just 13 years old (which in teenager language, is nearly 14) and a student at Midhurst Rother College. She, and some of her fellow students rose to the challenge when MADhurst asked them to design a new Logo for the MADhurst Art Trail. There were some wonderful designs, but Luna’s stood out from the rest. We asked her what her inspiration had been.

“My father worked in graphic design a while back and I have always taken an interest in this particular field of work. When I used to visit him there, he would show me some of his designs! I thought they were amazing; and clever on how the actual logo would incorporate pictures to show what it is advertising- so I gather that my inspiration came from what he showed me. I wanted to visualise what MADhurst is truly about, and express it in straight forward, recognisable symbols!”


Here is Luna’s design. We are all delighted with her interpretation. Art Trail Logo

The Art Trail will be running through 22 Business, cafes and community buildings in Midhurst and here is some of the feedback from these host venues, “B****y Marvellous!”, “Really colourful”, “Brilliant!”


Luna has yet to decide on a career path yet but her thoughts about her future are, “I feel that art is such a broad subject that choosing just one path is almost impossible! I do take an interest in CGI with its fast development, but find it to be a broad subject, so at this point in time I would like to go further into that part of art! But I want to try everything before I decide!”


I am sure you will join MADhurst in wishing Luna ever success in whatever field she chooses! Luna’s original design and all the other designs will be on display in the MADhurst Box Office in the Old Library from August 10th 2015.