Conditions of Admission

1.1     You must comply with the instructions and directions given by Venue staff and stewards and with all relevant laws, safety announcements and Venue regulations whilst attending the Event.

1.2     The management of the Venue reserves the right to refuse Ticket holder’s admission to the Venue in reasonable circumstances including for health and safety, licensing reasons or where a Ticket is void.

1.3     The management of the Venue also reserves the right to request that Ticket holders leave the Venue at any point on reasonable grounds and may take any appropriate action to enforce this right. By way of example, the Venue may remove a Ticket holder who:

has behaved in the Venue in a matter which, in the reasonable opinion of the Venue has, or is likely to affect the enjoyment of other visitors; or
uses threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour or in any way provokes or behaves in a manner which may provoke a disturbance; or
In the reasonable opinion of the Venue is acting under the influence of alcohol or drugs; or fails, when required, to produce proof of identity or age.
1.4     No refunds will be given to Ticket holders who are refused entry or ejected due to their own behaviour.

1.5     The use of equipment for recording or transmitting any audio, visual or audio-visual material or any information or data inside any Venue is strictly forbidden. Unauthorised recordings, tapes, films or similar items may be confiscated and destroyed. The Organiser and Venue will not be liable for any loss, theft or damage to confiscated items.

1.6     By attending an Event, Ticket holders consent to filming and sound recording of themselves as members of the audience. The Organiser may use such films and recordings without payment and without further notice.

1.7     Ticket holders shall not bring into the Venue or display or distribute at the Event any sponsorship, promotional or marketing materials.

1.8     Please refer to the Organisers terms and condition for any restrictions to entry with food, beverages, bottles, cans, containers, animals and other possible restrictions which will vary from event to event.

1.9     The management of the Venue reserves the right to conduct security searches from time to time and confiscate any item which, in the reasonable opinion of the management of the Venue, may cause danger or disruption to other members of the audience of the Event or is one of the items not permitted in the Venue including as listed at section above.